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Frequently Asked Questions

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1.  Is there a higher rate for nights or weekends?
There is no extra charge for nights or weekends, however, there is an additional charge for major holidays.
2.  How quickly can services be provided?
In most cases within 24 hours.  In an emergency situation we will get a caregiver there as soon as possible.
3.  Can I change my schedule if needed?
Absolutely!  All we ask is for you to give us 24 hour notice.
4.  Can I cancel services at any time?
Yes, you can cancel services at any time with a 24 hour notice.
5.  Does Medicare cover your services?
No, but most long term care insurance policies do.
6.  Do you monitor your caregivers?
Most definitely.  Caregivers are expected to provide daily reports to the care coordinator regarding any change in the client’s health, circumstances or behavior.
7.  Will I have the same caregiver for each visit?
We understand that continuity is important and we strive to send the same caregiver for each visit.
8.  What if I’m unhappy with the person that you send?
Simply call our office and we will send someone different to you next time.